Success Mindset

Love What You Do, Do What You Love, And Truly Live

When you find what you love doing don’t stop doing it. Not everything pays off right away.

Sometimes doing what you love hurts.

Sometimes it sucks because the looks of disdain, the whispers behind your back cursing your name, and the questions about your pursuit of what you love to do are questioned.

Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and don’t ever stop. It’s always when we are at our darkest, when we are crawling by the tips of our fingers; that our inner resolve burns the brightest.

Everything will pay off. Trust that it will. Trust in yourself. Trust in your love.

Define your fate. Don’t allow others to dictate your happiness.

When you reach the pinnacle of your desires, of your ideals, of what you yourself see as success?

It will be all worth it.

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