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Getting Held Down In Life And What To Do About It

Getting Held Down In Life And What to Do About It

Carrying excess weight in life is never a good thing.

Whether it’s Mental, physical, or spiritual it will take a hold of you and piggyback it’s way into becoming a permanent fixture in your life.

Once this weight has become engrained into your life it is so hard to change that for the better.

The interlocking of comfort and conformity” is a dangerous combination because it wraps you up in a false sense of happiness. This couple’s sweet intoxication of dullness, negativity, and refusal to step outside the norm, or outside the box plays a big part in holding so many of us back from truly achieving those continuous moments of greatness, of vision, of the success mindset, of desire and ultimately of happiness.

Why is it that you are choosing to carry this excess weight, falsely telling yourself that you are happy? Continually posting fake smiles on instagram, facebook, & twitter.

When in actuality…

You are not.

Take a moment to write down what it is that is holding you back.

Write down what that excess weight in your life is, and then write down on the other side what you want to achieve in your short term future along with your long term. I have a questionnaire here that can help you on your way. 

More often than not you will find that weight you are carrying, whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual; is what is ultimately stopping you from being all you can be.

Take those precious minutes to write it down. Visually seeing on paper what is holding you as opposed to just feeling and thinking it is a different dimension altogether.

Be honest with yourself because at the end of the day, when you look in that mirror will you want to see a liar looking back? 

Good day. 

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    Lizet Diaz on Facebook
    May 16, 2012 at 1:06 AM

    I enjoyed this one!!! : ). Thumbs up!!

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    Al Spaulding on Facebook
    May 16, 2012 at 1:28 AM

    gracias Lizet Diaz!! =) my pleasure.

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