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Never Too Late To Fight Back - never Too Late - Al Spaulding
Poetry & Quotes

Never Too Late To Fight Back

It’s when that moment seems dark, and that fight gets long… That you mustn’t quit. When that frustration sets in, And your hope starts to wane… Don’t turn to shit. For life will slap you silly, kick you in…

Poetry & Quotes

Live, Learn, Flow, And Go

You Live, And You learn; You turn, And You burn; You yearn, And You find; Through Your soul, And Your mind; You go, You stay; You hold, Or let go; With One Life to Live, At times it’s best to…

blow up woman poem - al spaulding
Poetry & Quotes

The Blow Up Woman Poem

One of the biggest turnoffs is a woman so full of herself,  That she truly does not know herself;  Hence she passes judgement on others,  To better make herself; By blowing up herself,  She hides her true self;  And…

Poetry & Quotes

The Light House Man

Your words can’t knock my shine, Because I’m a Wordsmith Refined; And although at times I do slip, This Man continues to climb; Rub raw these bloody knuckles, Climbing My Mountain of Ideals; You may not like how I…

Poetry & Quotes

Success Is A Matter Of Time

  When your focus is unwavering, And you’re succeeding despite all odds; When the chips are stacked against your favor, And you can see through all the frauds; When your desire burns so bright, And your work ethic rings…

Poetry & Quotes

Words In The Mirror

‎Your words can speak a dream to a person, Whether you or them are awake; But ultimately it’s your actions that will decide, Whether what you speak is Real or Fake; You can get away with it for a…


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