Recently while chatting with some fellow bloggers we got to discussing a “blogroll” and it’s relevancy to your site. While being familiar with what a blogroll was for some reason I had just not got around or really wanted to incorporate it into mine. Musing a bit after the chat I decided that it was time to finally do so because of 2 very important reasons which I shall soon touch upon. First let’s answer this question.

What is a Blogroll?”

Definition of a Blogroll Al Spaulding Style: A blogroll is basically a link to certain blogs that you like and find valuable. Whether they are in regards to your particular niche of work or you just like the entertainment and content presented by the blogger(s). That’s it. blog roll al spaulding

Simple enough right? Well there is a bit more to it than that. A blogroll is also:

  • Essential in building relationships with other bloggers hence truly participating in the whole blogosphere experience. It is another tool for networking online and for those of you in Social Media, this could be very powerful.
  • Strategically smart SEO-wise because by pointing to other web-blogs, you are promoting and endorsing other bloggers which can encourage those bloggers to also point back to your own blog, which will produce cross-links and increase your inbound links. The Search Engines absolutely love inbound links which can at at the end of the day increase your Pagerank. Pretty Neat Huh?

Proper Etiquette in respect with a blogroll is that if a blogger links your blog you should link back to his/hers. However this only comes into play if you actually have a blogroll or if you actually like the content on the other person’s blog. I for one have a blogroll on the right side of my sidebar and being that I a firm believer in the “NO FLUFF, NO FLUTTER, NO BULLSHIT” philosophy which I myself practice on my site I would be hard pressed to add someone’s blog onto my blogroll if I felt they themselves did not live up to those standards as well.Great Blogs I Visit al spaulding And if I truly do not read your blog or visit it moderately at least I can’t add you to my blogroll because you and I don’t “ROLL LIKE THAT.” Nothing personal but, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

At the end of the day it all boils down to whether or not you think a blogroll fits your blog or not. Up until Yesterday I felt my blog had no need for one and then I changed my mind and added one. Maybe I’ll change my mind again in a couple of months and remove it. It all depends on what side of the bed My Gemini Ass rolls out of.


P.S. Excuse the Puns here and there but I was feeling a bit froggy today so I leapt. Bear with my corniness please.. :-)

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  1. This was a very insightful look into what a blogroll is and isn't. True Al Spaulding style as well! :)

  2. Hey Al,

    The blogroll seems like innocuous item. Thanks for sharing its importance.


  3. I learned that bloggers actually click links in the blogroll. I get traffic from blogroll links. However for SEO, I think it is not that helpful anymore.

  4. It’s hard to imagine any blog, especially business blogs, to survive without using blog rolls. In essence, blogs are all about sharing information and this includes sharing information that might be on other blogs as well. Being able to direct the reader to other blogs where they could get more valuable info from would increase one’s credibility, and thus increase trust.

  5. Great work! That is the type of information that are meant to be shared around the web. Shame on Google for not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and consult with my website . Thank you =)

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