What drives you to succeed? What pushes you to move forward everyday and fills you with that need to succeed?
The act of love is what often drives us and directs us.

  • Love for something
  • Love for someone
  • Love for yourself

The act of love is pretty much the basis for all drive en route to success in life.
The act of love is the foundation needed in order to have the strength, resolve, and trust necessary to achieve one’s ideals in life.

Every person has a “Why,” a “Reason” for wanting to live, realize your ideals and be happy. Unfortunately not all of us find it. That’s the sad truth. With us not finding it we spend our lives searching for it and sometimes we don’t even know what the fuck we are searching for.

We go full speed towards that goal because we believe that is what we want however when we near that destination we slow down, stop; and go somewhere else completely different. We do this in regards to education in school, activity in sports, personal relationships with other people, and even with our job careers.

Take the time to really be one with yourself and know what drives you. Avoid being in Limbo with your life.

2 steps you can take towards starting this are:

  1. Write down a list of 10 things that push you forward
  2. Follow that up with a Vision board. Put 5 pictures of what your ideal of success and happiness is on there. Google the pics, take pictures, whatever’s easiest for you.

Look at both the list and the vision board daily until it engrains itself into your mind and spirit. You can’t simply just think about it though. Do not play the game of “let me wait till I’m ready.” It’s an excuse. An excuse to give up before you have even started. Act on that love you have which you have now materialized via your written list and your vision board. Kick start that drive towards success. With only one life to live its essential that we make the most of it.
Don’t you agree?

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  1. BeingRelentless says:

    @AlSpaulding I like it. Good read!

  2. Keep on working, great job!

  3. Hi, Al
    It’s a nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with you. Write the list of things & put the picture of what your ideal of success is a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Arik Esquilin says:

    Wow, that is exactly something I couldve used back in my earlier part of life. Before my kids, I really had no motivation or drive to succeed. It’s great you can give advice like that.

    • Hey Arik!!! Fancy you here! In regards to what you said… Dude I was the same way. I spent quite a number of years aimlessly not knowing what the heck i wanted to do with myself and doing a whole lot of talking and not enough doing. I learned at a later age how to channel my energy correctly and develop that success mindset and realized that it is all about what and how you plant those seeds of positivity into your mind, and then quickly act on them that determine if you materialize your vision of success into reality.

      I find it awesome that you stopped by and not only read my piece but shared your thoughts as well. I look forward to your return again.

      Be Well My Friend,

  6. “The act of love is what often drives us and directs us.”

    While this is a positive “feel good” emotion there is an condition even more powerful that everyone has in common – Death.

    The ultimate motivator. Always thinking time is an unlimited resource for those things we will do “someday”. Many don’t like to think about it, and would rather bury their head in the sand and placate themselves with pleasurable distractions.

    Those will be the ones full of regret on their deathbeds of the things never done.

  7. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Take care!
    Where are your contact details though?

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