Wear That “S” for Success On Your Chest

A little musical poem I made to emphasize the need to maintain a Success Mindset at all times No matter what situations are going on around you… DON’T LET THE NEGATIVE ENERGY BRING YOU DOWN.. Use it’s force and flip it around.. Make something of it.. Life is once.. Ride it out, or Die full of Doubt..

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How Many People Recognize Opportunity?

How many People turn down Opportunity because he comes disguised in a pair of overalls and a hammer? How many people shut the door in his face, call him a scam artist, a dreamer, a polluter of minds, & a waste of time?? How many people will sit back in utter disgust, when Opportunity struts by proudly in front of you with the next door neighbor who welcomed him in & they’re moving on up & out to better Lands, with Grands$ in their Hands? How many people will still refuse to accept that they’re to blame, still point fingers; when they should just sit back, reflect, & hang their head in shame?

How many People?

This small poem was inspired by Thomas Edison’s Quote… ~Opportunity is missed by many people because it comes disguised in a pair of Overalls.~

Don’t reject Opportunity.. You only live once..

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Who Loves You More? Negativity Or Positivity?

Negativity” is alluring, seductive, & is easier to bond with because there are more people who can relate to this way of thinking.. In essence, she puts out easy.. Building a life with “Ms.Positive” however takes time 2 develop, enhance, & romance thru the principles of Faith, Autosuggestion, & Desire.  She is harder 2 conquer but in the end she will love you devoutly & make a better life with you.  So who DO YOU want to Marry?  wedding rings

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Desire vs. Want… Which will Reign Supreme In Your Life?

To want something in Life is not enough…  It just does not work that way. It has To be a Desire in order for it to become a reality.. You must envision it in your mind, your heart, your soul. Here is A short Video where I go into more detail on how exactly this works… Enjoy..

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