How Seth Godin’s Words Reinvigorated My Writing

{There is a slight bit of profanity in this post so it may or may not be work-safe depending on where you’re at.} 

This weekend I spent some time working on a client’s social media campaign that has been kicking my ass but I made it happen. During my downtime here and there, I took notes and did some research on how to improve my heart, and my love,

Blogging has completely taken over my life and I slap myself silly everyday for not getting involved in this movement earlier on. Being able to share my ideals, thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and emotions via my writing and poetry has truly now guaranteed that this Gemini Man will never shut the fuck up whether it’s my mouth doing the talking or my fingers doing the typing.

What Seth Godin Did To Inspire Me 

I was thrilled to see while I was over at one of my favorite blogs, Copyblogger,” a podcast interview with the Godfather of Blogging and New York Times bestselling author, “Seth Godin.” The interview, conducted by Copyblogger founder and writer “Brian Clark” is about 20+ minutes long and gets down to the nitty gritty in regards to blogging, writing, and the shift the online marketing world is making today.

It was a real treat for me to be able to listen to both of these gentlemen go back and forth over what works, what doesn’t work and how to improve your presence online without being overtly complicated by doing so. Being aware of certain trends, putting the time in with your writing, and producing quality content over quantity was another topic that was touched upon.

I found myself downloading the interview, loading it up on my Iphone and have listened to it an additional 3 times since to make sure I did not miss out on any nuggets of value.

I won’t get into any further details about what was talked about except to quote Seth Godin’s words which has reinforced my belief in my craft and what I do in regards to my passion/writing and my work in the online marketing world.

Seth Godin – “It’s hard when there’s stress. It’s hard when your mother in law doesn’t buy into what you’re doing. It’s hard when the economy is going through a transition to understand this, but this is our revolution. This is the industrial revolution of our time. We are living through the death of the factory, and its being replaced by something else. The people on the cutting edge of that are the people inventing the next thing and talking about it with clarity, so when this revolution slows down we are going to look back and we’re going to say ‘What Did YOU Do?’ Do something that matters, this is too important to do some little scam, some little affiliate deal, or some little way to make money. This is a time to do work that matters, to do something bigger than you think you are capable of, and doing it in a way that makes a difference.”

Was he reading my mind? Sheesh! It sure seemed so. I must have rewinded that part about 5 times this morning alone.

Kudos to Brian Clark for sharing that interview with us and for the work he’s doing over there at CopyBlogger. It has fast became one of my top favorite blogs to go to.You can catch the podcast in it’s entirety at CopyBlogger by going here.

You can also visit the “Genius” Seth Godin here.

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Credits: Credits to Brian Clark, Copyblogger, and Seth Godin for use of his picture. 

Blogging On The Go Via An Iphone

It’s been one of those Friday mornings where my “to-do” list has exponentially grown every 30 min. I’m scrambling all over town to get everything done before the day is out and I have not had a moment to get to my laptop and write my post for today.

So I decided to go through the App Store on my IPhone to see if their slogan really held true to form when they proudly proclaimed, “There’s An App For That.”

Surprisingly I found quite a few apps that allowed you to integrate your wordpress blog with your smartphone. Frantically after reading the reviews on about 3 of them I paid the $2.99 and downloaded an app called, “BlogPress” and commenced to writing this post.

I was delighted to see that I could add bold print to my fonts, hyperlinks, and even HTML, to my posts. However in order to add the picture of my IPhone showing a view of my mobile site, I had to improvise a bit. I whispered to the lady next to me to allow me to take a picture of my phone and text it to me so I could use it on my blog post. Ingenuity at it’s finest.

I must say this has truly enlightened me once again to one little yet important fact. “When you really want to get something done you will do so no matter what obstacles are in your way.”

I won’t bore you with details in regards to my day but I really considered not posting today because I just didn’t know when I was going to get back to my computer in time. I really thought it was undoable yet now I’m here at a convention, listening to a speaker droning on about online marketing, zoning him out, while fighting back yawning, and fulfilling my daily obligations.

These days there is just no excuse to not be efficient and productive while on the go. If you can find time to Facebook, Tweet, Email and play Angry Birds off your phone then you can find time to download apps that will allow you to pay your bills, set up a budget plan, work on your book, write a poem, check your bank account, make that appointment you keep meaning to schedule, and even devise a workout and diet plan.

Technology has given us the means to be able to produce and improve our lives while on the go. As I sit here looking at other colleagues bored to tears around me and writing this through my IPhone, it has literally supercharged the rest of my day because now mentally I know for a fact that shit will get done today no matter what.

Now if only there was an app that filled up my cup of coffee. ::sighs:: :-)

Any comments, tips, pointers, yada, yada, would be greatly appreciated. Just post them below.

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(Note: Please excuse any errors in this post it’s because as this is the first time I am writing through my phone. Bear with me while I fully grasp how to work this app 100%)

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

An Editorial Calendar Can Help The Flow Of Your Blog

Recently while visiting Chris Brogan’s Blog, I came across a neat little tool for my blog that has been a complete life saver big time. It’s a Plugin called, “The Editorial Calendar.”

Basically what it does is help you schedule your blog posts within it’s calendar with a crafty drag & drop interface. I first started using it about 4 days ago and I must say that it is fast becoming a necessary tool in my blog arsenal.

Editorial Calendar screenshot - Al Spaulding

Editorial Calendar screenshot – Al Spaulding

Please excuse my nursery school writing on the screenshot. :-)

This plugin is an absolute necessity for any serious blogger because it allows you to:

  • Add Structure to the creative juices flowing out of your mind and into your  blog
  • Plan ahead and schedule when certain blog posts will be published
  • See when your posts will be published timewise
  • See the status of your posts


I Flirted with the idea of making a video myself and showing you 1st hand how it works but I decided against it once I saw the screencast Prepared by Zack Grossbart. I figured the developer’s video would be a better way to break it down for you.

You can download this plugin here.

I’m interested in knowing what you think about this plugin and would love to read some feedback from you.

Take Care.

To Your Success, Health & Wealth,

What Is A Blogroll? How Is It Important To Your Site?

Recently while chatting with some fellow bloggers we got to discussing a “blogroll” and it’s relevancy to your site. While being familiar with what a blogroll was for some reason I had just not got around or really wanted to incorporate it into mine. Musing a bit after the chat I decided that it was time to finally do so because of 2 very important reasons which I shall soon touch upon. First let’s answer this question.

What is a Blogroll?”

Definition of a Blogroll Al Spaulding Style: A blogroll is basically a link to certain blogs that you like and find valuable. Whether they are in regards to your particular niche of work or you just like the entertainment and content presented by the blogger(s). That’s it. blog roll al spaulding

Simple enough right? Well there is a bit more to it than that. A blogroll is also:

  • Essential in building relationships with other bloggers hence truly participating in the whole blogosphere experience. It is another tool for networking online and for those of you in Social Media, this could be very powerful.
  • Strategically smart SEO-wise because by pointing to other web-blogs, you are promoting and endorsing other bloggers which can encourage those bloggers to also point back to your own blog, which will produce cross-links and increase your inbound links. The Search Engines absolutely love inbound links which can at at the end of the day increase your Pagerank. Pretty Neat Huh?

Proper Etiquette in respect with a blogroll is that if a blogger links your blog you should link back to his/hers. However this only comes into play if you actually have a blogroll or if you actually like the content on the other person’s blog. I for one have a blogroll on the right side of my sidebar and being that I a firm believer in the “NO FLUFF, NO FLUTTER, NO BULLSHIT” philosophy which I myself practice on my site I would be hard pressed to add someone’s blog onto my blogroll if I felt they themselves did not live up to those standards as well.Great Blogs I Visit al spaulding And if I truly do not read your blog or visit it moderately at least I can’t add you to my blogroll because you and I don’t “ROLL LIKE THAT.” Nothing personal but, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

At the end of the day it all boils down to whether or not you think a blogroll fits your blog or not. Up until Yesterday I felt my blog had no need for one and then I changed my mind and added one. Maybe I’ll change my mind again in a couple of months and remove it. It all depends on what side of the bed My Gemini Ass rolls out of.


P.S. Excuse the Puns here and there but I was feeling a bit froggy today so I leapt. Bear with my corniness please.. :-)

To Your Success, Health & Wealth,

Wordbooker Plugin For Your WordPress Blog – Integrate Your Blog With FaceBook Stress-Free

For quite some time now I have been looking for a true way of integrating my blog with my FaceBook page.

While I have tried both FaceBook apps, “Rss Graffiti and Facebook Notes” I wasn’t completely satisfied with either for the following reasons.

FaceBook Notes– This app being full of bugs the way it is, sometimes misses a post and won’t publish it on your wall at all. If by the miraculous grace of the Blogging Gods it did, it would not show up in the News Feed which meant that in order for someone to know you wrote a blog post they had to visit your wall. This to me is a severe pain in the culo (ass) with all the hit or miss with the updates. I also did not like the fact that it would show your entire post in the Fb notes section so people would read it and comment on it there and never actually get to your blog. Not Cool. A Big No-No if you’re wanting to build a fan reader base on your site and you’re also trying to establish yourself via S.E.O. You can read more about this particular app here.

RSS Graffiti– I don’t like this app to much for one simple reason. It only does up to 3 updates a week so if you write 4-5 blog posts a week it will only post links to 3 of them on your wall. While I’m slowly working on building up to posting at least 5 times a week and as of yet have not been able to condition myself to do so I don’t want those restrictions being  a hindrance to me. I hear thay are making a lot of changes to this app though and look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future. It’s still pretty useful as it is right now. You can find out more about this fb app here.

I found a plug-in that has been as of late satisfying my needs in an easy to use way.

This is a wordpress plug-in by the name of  “Wordbooker.”Wordbooker plug-in review for wordpress

This plugin allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. You can also “cross polinate” comments between Facebook and your WordPress blog. It’s  simple to set up and it works flawlessly for me. What I like the most about it is that it automatically posts a link onto your wall with an excerpt once you publish your post on your blog and for someone to actually read the whole post they have to click on the link which takes them to your blog. Wordbooker plugin review for your wordpress blog- integrate with facebook easilyyou can download it here: Wordbooker

If anyone else has any other method that works for them I’d love to hear about it.


Disclaimer: I am in no way at this time getting paid or affiliated with the plug-in being reviewed. I simply think it’s a kick ass plug-in that has fit my needs tremendously.

To Your Success, Health & Wealth,